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Electric Bike Systems

Built for efficiency, range and an overall natural, enjoyable ride. It’s important to know, within the range we have 2 systems – Bosch & Yamaha. Let’s just understand a little on each:

Bosch System

The Bosch system is offered in a couple of styles, Active & Performance line. The system depends on the type of application the bike will be used for.

The Performance line is more used across eMTB’s for a sportier ride. Whilst the Active line is generally used in town and touring bikes, built for efficiency and a smooth ride.

Other options from Bosch include different capacity battery packs & display options.

Yamaha System

The Yamaha eBike system is easier to explain. One system is used across multiple applications. The Yamaha controls are simple to operate and the motor feels sporty to ride.

The system is exclusively available on Haibike and Yamaha electric bikes and comes in at an affordable price point.

Options on Yamaha eBikes include single and double ring gear setup’s on the front on selected bikes.