How E-Bikes Work

Electric bikes look similar to conventional bicycles but incorporate a rechargeable battery, an electric motor and a control system. They offer all the benefits of conventional cycling without the sweat.

Riding one of our e-bikes makes you feel as though you have bionic powers – they are fun and fast, make light of hills and headwinds, and can take you 1500 miles on £1. All our e-bikes comply fully with all UK and European laws. If you ride one, there is no requirement for a helmet, license, registration or payment of road tax. (Plus you can park almost anywhere free of charge!)


E-bikes assist your pedaling. The energy is supplied from a rechargeable battery which provides power to an electric motor mounted in the frame or in the front or rear wheel. In high quality models the assistance level is directly proportional to the amount of effort applied to the pedals. The experience is similar to that of riding a conventional bike, but the effort required is much less – on full power you can whiz along at 15 miles an hour and it seems the effort required by you amounts to no more than the weight of your shoes on the pedals. No jolts, no shocks – just like riding a bike – only much easier!

So why choose an e-bike? Why wouldn’t you? Here is the zero-emission electric vehicle that keeps you fit, is fun to use, and for less than 2p can transport you and your luggage over 30 miles. They are the solution you have been looking for.