Types of E-Bikes

Hardtail & Cross

A hardtail bike does what it says in the name, it offers suspension at the front, but is rigid (hard) at the rear (tail).

Hardtails are great for your lighter terrain rider. They also come up a little more affordable, suspension at the front to tackle rougher ground with ease and added comfort.

Hardtails are also a popular choice for commuters who want a practical bike in the week, but be able to tackle a little more off road fun at the weekend. The Cross style eBikes offers a lightweight, clutter free trekking bike with slightly more grippy tyres.

Road, Town & Trekking

Although one category, we categorise these together because they are mainly built for tarmac riding.

A couple of the eBikes we offer are for road / urban riding and specifically suited as faster bikes for tarmac riding.

However a trekking bike (hybrid) is also capable of light off road, bridle paths or alike due to its front suspension and mixed terrain tyres. A trekking bike is essentially an equipped hybrid bike, so you get useful essentials like mudguards, pannier rack etc already fitted to the bike.

Town bikes, do just that, they are effective for everyday riding in and around town and light bridle paths etc.